LAT.37º 7’N LONG.8º 31’W


Surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches of europe, the Marina de Portimão, has assumed the leading position in Portugal as a preferential super-yacht destination up to 50 meters.

Located in the safest harbor of the country, at the arade river estuary, with over 25-hectares, Marina de Portimão is framed by the historical forts of Santa Catarina and São João, and affords excellent back-up facilities. The water in the marina is deep, so the vessels can come and go at any time of the tide. it also has a wide entrance and plenty of room for maneuvering, protected from the prevailing winds. Located within a luxury condominium that includes its Exclusive Beach, Restaurants, Shops, Bars and fabulous Oceanic Swimming-pool all facing the sea. The facilities include round-the-clock security, as well as a private car-parking. Chosen as official training base of several professional teams from all over the world, Marina de Portimão has been the stage for a number of important international events. Continuing the tradition of nautical sports and an initiative with great social impact, we continue to support the Solidarity sailing Project, that also includes disabled sailing, an area that has had been gaining participants.

In 2019 the Marina de Portimão was the Host Port for the Clipper Round the World fleet, on the first stopover of the Round the World Yacht Race that the 11 sailing boats are competing in until August 2020, as well as the Hansa National and European adaptive sailing Championships, with the participation of more than 120 crew members and around a hundred boats. The Marina has private boatyard facilities available for your convenience, on the other side of the river, close for servicing purposes, yet far enough removed to ensure the safety and comfort of customers of the marina.
The boatyard offers a vast range of quality services including the capacity to lift up boats of sizes up to 300 tons and also catamarans up to a width of 9 meters.

In this unique environment, our team of competent and attentive
professional staff invites you to discover the diversity and quality of our
services. Everything possible will be done to make your stay with us an
unforgettable one. Being the only portuguese marina awarded with the Jack Nichols Award,
Marina de Portimão also received the maximum rating of 5 anchors from the international “Gold Anchor Awards” assigned by the prestigious “The Yacht Horbour Association / British Marine Federation”


With 620 moorings available for rental for short and long stays, the Marina de Portimão can receive boats up to 50m long, drawing a maximum of 4 meters. The moorings are equipped with 16/32/63 amp. electricity and water; there is a daily collection of rubbish and oil. The entrance to the Marina is easy to access given that it is the most ample in Portugal. This Marina provides a variety of sea related tourist activities.


On account of its location to the east of Praia da Rocha - an area with extensive buildings and ample illumination - the entrance to the Port of Portimão is easily identifiable.
The entrance to the port faces south and is about 250m wide. Ponta do Altar with a lighthouse of the same name is located to the east. On account of the height of this cliff face, the entrance to the port is obscured to those approaching from the east almost until the entrance to the moles.
Once the outer moles have been passed, a course should be set at 020º off the line of the Ferragudo Fore and Aft beacons, leaving buoy no. 2 to port, continuing in the direction of buoy no. 4 until reaching the entrance to “Marina de Portimão” to the west. The Marina is marked by two moles with beacons at each end. The reception pontoon is located starboard of the Marina entrance.

Situated in the west of the Algarve, 35 minutes away from Faro International Airport and around 2 hours away from Lisbon or Seville, with direct acess through the highway A22.
The “Marina de Portimão” enjoys a privileged location on the mouth of the Arade River.

At the entrance to the bar: 8,5m
Quay: 4m

Environmental Code of Conduct


In accordance with the Code of Environmental Conduct, the owner of the vessel aware of the need to safeguard the quality of Seawater and Marine Resources, solemnly undertakes to enforce on board the vessel that commands the following:

• Do not throw garbage into the sea or along the coast.
• Do not exhaust water from toilets to the sea, along the coast or in sensitive areas.
• Do not dump poisonous or toxic waste (oils, paints, used batteries, cleaning products, etc.) into the sea

Remember that on board your vessel you can also play an important and active role in defending the Environment by joining the Blue Flag through a personal and non-transferable commitment. Join this campaign and feel that it can contribute to the improvement of our water resources. The Marina de Portimão is a public utility service, aimed at all navigators who cross our waters, whether national or foreign, so it should be a good example of good environmental practices.

Marina Portimão - Bem Estar

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